Job and Career Resources:

Your library has a number of resources to assist you with your job search or career plan. Check out the resume writing tips below, and be sure to check out the additional resources available under the Job & Career Center tab above. The library computers have word processing software to help you create documents, and relevant websites are bookmarked for easy access to job search resources and career planning information.

Most common resume mistakes

  • Spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Too long
  • Missing contact information
  • Poorly organized

Resume tips

  • Be specific – don’t use a single resume for every opportunity
  • Write in an active voice. Passive: Action of the proposal is being considered by the town board. Active: The town board is considering action on the proposal.
  • Backup statements with facts pulled from your experience.
  • Keep a consistent format
  • The person reading your resume will likely have to go through hundreds of them. Be concise and make it easy to read.
  • List headings in order of importance
  • Within headings, list your most recent information first


  • Abbreviate
  • Use slang
  • Include age or sex
  • List references on your resume
  • Use a narrative style
  • Lead each line with a date

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