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The Gruffalo


The Gruffalo, was written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. As a mouse walks through a wood, lots of different animals want to eat him but he scares them all off by describing a monster called a Gruffalo. When this mythical beast actually appears, and also wants to eat him, he takes it back through the wood showing it how all the other animals are scared of the mouse, although actually it’s the Gruffalo they fear.

My son and I tried to analyse why we keep going back to read the same story, is it: the repetitive rhythmic prose; the disgusting sounding monster, who actually looks quite loveable, or; the underlying “David and Goliath” theme. Owen (aged 5, and an all important half!) likes the drawings, especially the way the artist has drawn the Gruffalo. When asked what he would tell people thinking about reading this book the answer was “I love this book, you should read it! Right now!”. High praise indeed from a youngster!

Maria_and_OwenOur guest reviewers, Maria Robertson and her son Owen, are from Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. Although Maria is now a librarian for a professional body for lawyers, some evenings find her reviewing concerts. She used to be in charge of children’s library services throughout Clackmannanshire and is pleased to now have her own child to share her love of books with. Owen has just finished his first year of Gaelic Medium Education and is already a keen reader in English and Gaelic.

Aberdeen has been called the happiest place in Scotland. 6426836437_183dafb09d_z It is a beautiful port city located in northeast Scotland, where the Dee and Don rivers flow into the North Sea. Aberdeen has a rich history and wonderful architecture. It’s heritage, and the heritage of Scotland, are celebrated each year in the Highland games. An interesting side note to this review, Owen read the book in Gaelic while his mom read the book in English. Gaelic has been spoken in Scotland since the 4th century. There are also Gaelic speaking communities in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island in Canada. You may also hear Gaelic in Australia, New Zealand and to a lesser extent, in the United States. You can see where Aberdeen, Scotland is on a map by clicking here.

This book, like all others we will review, is available through the Prattsburg Free Library and the Southern Tier Library System. A special thank you to Maria and Owen for providing us with this wonderful review, and to Bryan Robertson as well for the great photographs.

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