1. Any library patron in good standing may use the computers after signing the usage agreement. Children under 18 years of age must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s signed permission. Children 8 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.
  2.  It is the right and responsibility of parents who are concerned about children’s use of electronic resources to provide guidance to their own children. As with other library materials, restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardian.
  3. The computers may not be used for any illegal or unethical purposes. Patrons may not send, receive or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as offensive.   Patrons must respect licensing and copyright laws.
  4. Patrons will not conduct business of buying and selling on the library computers.
  5. Time for computer use is scheduled in 30-minute segments. A user who has exceeded their sign-up time will be asked to relinquish the computer. Patrons looking for work or doing school work will be given priority use of the computers and extended time if necessary.
  6. Patron will sign-in on the clipboard at the desk before each computer use.
  7. When using the printer the copies are $. 10 a piece unless doing homework, government forms or job searches. Color copies are $.25 each.
  8. Patrons are responsible for any damage they cause to the computers, related equipment or software. Parents are responsible for damage caused by children. Abuse of equipment or any policy may result in loss of library privileges.

Created 7/7/2006

Edited on 4/23/2009

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