On May 15th we held a community conversation in the park. There was a good turnout, and so many excellent ideas were discussed. Here is a summary of the write-up. Thank you Angela Einwachter for your help!


  • Providing Wi-Fi in the park (work with Empire to facilitate)
  • Helping the elderly/homebound with access technology
  • “Tech Support” hour in the library and in-home for those who are isolated
  • Partner with Prattsburgh High School to provide student “tutors” to help teach those who have limited tech skills


  • Utilizing the Community Facebook page to promote actual in-person connection in the community
  • Hosting virtual board games via Tabletopia
  • Teens are not on Facebook. Utilize TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat

Classes on:

  • Using the M&T Banking app
  • Cybersecurity issues and recognizing phone scams
  • Accessing credit score
  • Using “Goodreads” and any other downloadable book apps
  • Microsoft Teams so that community members can access the virtual board meetings
  • Using the Google suite to its full potential
  • Using social media to its full potential
  • How to find out who our local, state and federal representatives are
  • Setting up or buying from Etsy and Ebay
  • Shopping online safely
  • How to search online for information
  • “Media Literacy” – Creating awareness of technology, understanding how to use it wisely, not let it use you, understanding how things like algorithms are utilized

Community Conversation on May 15th: An Overview

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